Testosterone, not just for muscles

Testosterone is not just for the muscles The use of the male hormone, testosterone, has been the subject of negative criticism over the past fifteen or twenty years.

It is known that expert weightlifters take a lot of testosterone boosters to assemble their muscles. Since many young people were taking testosterone to improve their athletic performance, this substance became a substance controlled by the Federal Drug Administration.

However, considering the number of people who used testosterone at an early age and the number of years in which it was used, the magnitude of the symptoms occurred is imperceptibly small.

The use of testosterone in patients is not just about increasing the volume. In case you are 50, 60 or 70 years old and look at your bulge in the mirror, I guess you’ll understand that it’s not what it was at 20 or 30 years old. Testosterone levels are highest in young people under 20 years of age and then gradually decline for an incredible length of time. At age 50, testosterone levels do not represent exactly 50% of what they were at age 20. At 70 and 80 years, the dimensions are much smaller.

Testosterone is also present in women and has a fundamentally indistinguishable impact on women and men. The real effects of testosterone are a decrease in the ratio of fat volume and enlargement, an improvement in bone thickness, an improvement in skin thickness, an improvement in mental acuity, improved cardiovascular performance and, of course, sexual ability and improved desire. The highest group of testosterone in the body is found in the heart muscle. Several studies, mainly conducted in Europe, demonstrate that testosterone is a protected and convincing method for developing and maintaining a large cardiovascular muscle and, therefore, avoid heart disappointment with age.

The bias against hormones is starting to fade and the use of testosterone in therapeutic practice, especially when it is identified with maturation, is beginning to be recognized. The only area in which you should be alert is the potential of prostate cancer patients. Testosterone does not cause prostate disease. However, as testosterone encourages all living tissue, especially the prostate, it can be seen that it increases the rate of malignant growth of the prostate.

The initial phase to consider the replacement of testosterone is to extract the level of testosterone and, in addition, the PSA (explicit antigen of the prostate in humans). This provides a point of reference with the goal that protected and judicious strategies for the application of testosterone can be connected to men. Testosterone is available in pills, patches, creams or gels and infusions. The use of hormone releasers can also be effective, especially in younger patients. The oral type of testosterone is not, for the most part, our penchant for the fact that most testosterone change rapidly when the retention of the pill goes through the liver. We will be happy to review the use of testosterone as an important part of an enemy’s maturation program or as a feature of his cardiovascular program to help secure the heart muscle.

The most recent fury among well-known personalities guarantees weight loss without giving up bacon.

The keto diet, another way of saying “ketogenic”, includes the consumption of a high amount of fat, a moderate measure of protein and a low content of carbohydrates; even organic products are not taken into account. As with any fad diet, followers mention weight loss, increased vitality and greater mental clarity among the benefits. Anyway, is Purefit Keto Review the only thing that does not matter? Keto diet: what it is, how it works and why it may not be safe

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Not exactly, say nutritionists and dietitians. Foods that are low in carbohydrates that eat less, such as keto, seem to cause some transient weight loss, but are not fundamentally more effective than other products or self-improvement regimes. Also, they do not seem to improve athletic performance. [Diet and weight loss: the best ways to eat]

“Depending on their methodology, [keto diets] can increase the enormous misfortune of a slim weight along with a big problem,” said Melinda Manore, a food teacher at Oregon State University. (Normally, healthy nuts need to lose only fat, not a thin weight, that incorporates muscle). And in the same way that with other insanity you eat less carbohydrates, people normally gain weight again once they stop eating.

In summary, what is keto diet?

The keto diet initially was not designed to reduce weight, but for epilepsy. During the 1920s, specialists realized that keeping their patients low in calories from carbohydrates forced their bodies to use fats as the main source of fuel, rather than as the typical glucose. When the body can only consume fat, it becomes unsaturated fat, then a mixture called ketone, which can be absorbed and used to power the body’s telephones.

For reasons we have not even seen, even today, giving energy to an essentially ketotic body decreases seizures. In any case, with the improvement in epileptic seizure prescriptions, few people with epilepsy rely on ketogenic to eat fewer carbohydrates today, according to an article published in 2008 in the journal Options of Current Treatment in Neurology, but some people who do not react The medicine can be an advantage.

To reduce weight, the current keto eats less, but low-carb family members abstain from foods such as the Atkins diet, which prevailed more in the mid-2000s. Both types of control plans The weight rejects carbohydrates for more meaty dinners. There is no single pattern for the keto diet, however, models usually require less than 50 grams of sugars for several days. (Wheat bread contains approximately 16 grams of sugars per ounce, as indicated by the USDA). Celebrities who follow the diet include Halle Berry and Kourtney Kardashian.

A keto diet feeds the body in a state called ketosis, which implies that the body’s telephones rely heavily on the ketone for vitality. The reason why this leads to weight reduction is not very clear, said Jo Ann Carson, life skills educator at the University of Texas Southwest Medical Center and home of the American Heart Nutrition Committee. Association (AHA), but ketosis seems to relieve cravings. and it can affect hormones such as insulin, which stimulate the appetite. Likewise, fats and proteins can overtax people more than sugars, resulting in lower calorie consumption, Carson revealed to Live Science.

Diets, without taboos.

In any case, research on low carbohydrate foods that refrain from eating does not paint them in a particularly progressive way. When analysts develop well-defined weight management plans, they discover that there is no specific diet, either low in carbohydrates or fat, that becomes a winner.

In one of the unlimited correlations distributed in the Journal of the American Medical Association in 2014, the scientists investigated 48 separate routine diet exams in which members were arbitrarily assigned to one of the few dietary food diets that included Atkins, South Beach and Zone Low Carb Diets consume fewer calories, as do low-calorie diets

Jeff Seid HasTalked About Steroid Use

It is the most common that the famous stars and celebrities have faced the criticism or the steroid allegations.

They usually have questions for bulking and cutting anabolic steroids, few of them are asking about Performance enhancing drug (PED’s).

He recommends some of the fitness product for making a commission. Thus, It plays a role to criticize him for the practice of steroid use and illegal drugs.

In one of his video, Jeff has talked about steroid use.

Jeff has mentioned that he did not understand the philosophy why guys are looking steroids for developed an aesthetic physique.

As well as, he also understands the use of an anabolic steroid by Phil Heath, Ronnie Coleman, and Rich Piana because they have specific types of goals.

Jeff said that his main goal is to look healthy by following a healthy diet and workout and that is not possible through a steroid use.

Mostly, the steroid user does not talk about the illegal drug status because they may face problem in front of a camera because it is a genuine topic.

Most of the peoples are taking anabolic steroid because they don’t have an awesome genetic and don’t know about the nutrition and training.

He also responds the haters that continuously target him for the steroid use and Performance enhancing drugs like DBol and Winstrol

Seid has mentioned that his physique is a result of the workout which he has done when he was only 17-years old.

I took natural throughout my career and I’m 100% natural and why everyone is caring that is on the steroids, half natty or completely natural.

The Nutrition:

Jeff nutrition is full of lean proteins, healthy fats, and carbohydrates.

There are total of 8 meals.

The Jeff’s Seid Nutrition
Meal 1 (9:00AM) 5 Egg Whites, 1 Whole Egg, And A Cup Of Oatmeal With Banana
Meal 2 (11:00AM) Fruits Like Apple And Protein Shake
Meal 3 (1:00PM) Salad, 8Oz Chicken Breast, Salad, And Potato
Meal 4 (3:30PM) Grapes, And Ham Sandwich
Meal 5 (6:00PM) Protein Shake
Meal 6 (7:30PM) Broccoli, Salad, Sweet Potato, And 8 Oz. Steak
Meal 7 (10:00 PM) Jelly Sandwich, Peanut Butter, And 2 Glasses Of Milk
Meal 8 (11:30PM) Blue Berries And Half Cup Of Greek Yogurt

The supplements are Animal Pak, Chromium Picolinate, Glutamine, Creatine Monohydrate, Vitamin C, ZMA, And Casein Protein.

It was a very nice learning curve to be able to train like Jeff Seid and Kai Greene.

These all have the different functions like some are the source of multivitamin that supports your overall health.

Some of them are a source of amino acid that plays a role to increase the energy for the workout.

Vitamin C is an important source to boost up the immune system.

The Workout Training:

Jeff always prefers cardio exercises in the form of HITT. He prefers 10 minutes of cardio to burn up the fat.

The Bike is his first choice in which he keeps RPM over 120 for around 30 seconds on the level 15 after that, he drops down his speed for level 5 around 30 seconds.

Taking Phentermine 37.5 for weight loss with a doctor-approved exercise, behavior change, and reduced-calorie diet.

All of this set to the 10 minutes of duration.

The Jeff workout has consisted of a lot of supersets and volume.

Day  Target Area Exercise Sets, Reps, And Drop Sets
Monday Chest/Calves/HITT Incline Bench

Incline Fly’s

Cable Cross Over

Dumbbell Flat Bench


Incline Bench Machine

Push Ups

Pull Overs

Seated Calf Raises

Standing Calf Raises

Donkey Calf Raises

4 Sets Of 10, Drop Set 6

4 Sets Of 10, 10, 8, 8 (Superset)

4 Sets Of 15, 10 And 8

4 Sets Of 10, 8, 8 And 6

4 Sets To Failure

3 Sets Of 10 (Superset)

3 Sets, Failure

3 Sets Of 15

4 Sets Of 15

4 Sets Of 15

4 Sets Of 15

Tuesday Back/Abs Deadlifts

Bent Over Rows


T-Bar Rows

Wide Grip Pull Ups

Seated Rows

Wide Grip Lat Pull Downs

Good Mornings

Various Ab Exercises (Crunches, And Hanging Leg Raises

4 Sets Of 15, 10, 8, And 6

4 Sets Of 12, 10, 8, And 8

4 Sets Of 12, 10, 10, 8, And 8

4 Sets Of 12, 10, 8, And 8, 6 Dropset

4 Sets, Failure

4 Sets Of 10, 8, 8 And 6

4 Sets Of 12, 10, 8, And 8

3 Sets Of 12

For 10 Minutes

Wednesday Leg/ Calves/ Cardio Squats

Front Squats

Hack Squats

Quad Extensions

Leg Press

Standing Calf Raises

Lying Leg Curl

Seated Calf Raises

Donkey Calf Raises

5 Sets Of 15, 10, 8, And 4

4 Sets Of 12, 10, 8 And  8,6

4 Sets Of 12 , 10, And  8,6 Drop Sets

4 Sets Of 12, 10, 8, And 8

4 Sets Of 10, 8, 8, And 6

4 Sets Of 15 (Single Set)

4 Sets Of 12, 10, 8, And 8 (Single Set)

4 Sets Of 15 (Single Set)

4 Sets Of 15 (Single Set)

Thursday Shoulders/Abs Dumbbell Shoulder Press

Alt. Front Lateral Raises

Side Lateral Raises

Arnold Press

Upright Rows


Cable Upright Rows

Bent Over Lateral Raise

Various Ab Exercise ( Crunches, And Hanging Leg Raise)

4 Sets Of 10, 8, 8, 8

4 Sets Of 12, 10, 10, 8, 8

4 Sets Of 12, 10, 8, 8

3 Sets Of 10, 8, 8

3  Sets Of 12-15

4 Sets Of 15

3 Sets Of 8-10

3 Sets Of 8-10

Crunches, And Hanging Leg Raises (Single Set)

Friday Arms/Calves Barbell Curls

Incline Curls

Incline Bench Skull Crusher

Machine Curls



One Arm Extensions

Donkey Calf Raises

Standing Calf Raises

4 Sets Of 10, 10, And 8

4 Sets Of 8-10

4 Sets Of 12, 10, And 8

4 Sets Of 8-10

4 Sets Of 8-10

4 Sets Of 10 -12

4 Sets Of 10-12

4 Sets Of 15

4 Sets Of 15

Weekend Off And Rest Days

Jeff Seid Steroid Cycle:

It is assumed that you need some of the PED’s in your steroid cycle for looking like Jeff Seid.

Some of the PEDs are Testosterone Enanthate, Trenbolone Enanthate, And Anavar.

According to the development of his physique, Jeff’s steroid cycle looks like this:

Steroids Dosages
Testosterone Enanthate 500mgs Per Week
TrenboloneEnanthate 350mgs Per Week
Masteron 600mgs Per Week
Equipoise 600mgs Per Week
Anavar 100mgs Per Day
Winstrol 500mgs Per Day
Cardarine GW 30mgs Per Day
Stenabolic SR9009 20mgs Per Day


There is no any evidence whether Jeff Seid natural or on the drugs. But, according to the sign and symptoms, the reason may insane genetics and the workout or nutrition.

You can find phenq review online to see the before and after results of fat burners.

Don’t give up even if you are injured from the training.

We should learn from the Jeff that you should never give up your journey of the efforts because he has undergone for the first knee surgery.

See Jeff as an example and a source of inspiration.The most of the guys are talking about that he is on the 100% steroids but none of the sign shows that he had done steroid practice.

It is the big achievement that he became the youngest IFBB pro bodybuilder in the history.

Jeff Seid is a true source of an inspiration. With the willpower you can get the greatness of physique.

The sheer of drive and determination can make your life best possible and help you to achieve the greatness of physique.

Testogen pills can help bodybuilders to get perfect lean muscle body.

According to the Jeff, his physique is a result of special workouts. He said that, you also can develop a physique like Jeff by purchasing the program of a hundred dollars.

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In my opinion, proper guide of nutrition, workout, and correct selection of supplements matter.